Saturday, September 24, 2022

Keep fit with 60 Summers Over 60s Leg Work 360

Beautiful art for modern day living chosen by Sarnia especially for discerning clients.

Chic interiors can be hugely upgraded with the addition of just a few beautiful works of art.

The square format means you can easily mix and match and create sets for any shape of wall in home or office, even boutique hotels and businesses.

Part of a set of stylistic paintings by the artist Servalan from Tale Teller Club.

Buy as an individual interior design accent or mix and match with other square prints to create a different wall shape.

Sarnia de la Maré interior design collection exclusive to Tale Teller Club featuring inspirational design elements from history and museums around the world. Along with simple graphic styles inspired by art deco and fin de siecle, art nouveau fantasy gardena and animals, portraits of ethereal characters with a boutique hotel aspiration that will light up your space.

Signed bespoke issues take longer and will be signed by hand by Servalan before being delivered to your address. You can request different sizes and canvas issues too.

We have stunning galleries for discerning clients.

Check our sites online and chat with the artist on the forum.

For bespoke editions and signed prints, please drop the artist a line on the site contact page below.

Bespoke orders are different to the print store editions because they are single editions and signed by Servalan by hand before being dispatched to your given address. Bespoke one off are more expensive as they involve more work and there will only ever be one of your version.

Servalan can also work on your special canvas projects and bigger prints etc.

Shop prints are signed digitally and to retain their value we recommend you keep your receipt as this will be important for the provenance of your artwork in the future.

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