Monday, August 8, 2022

POND 5 Tale Teller Club Links

Lots of new tracks have been featured on our Pond 5 platform.

Tale Teller Club™

Asian Influences Sitar Drum Cowbell 
By Tale Teller Clubhouse™

Hip Hop Choir By Tale Teller 
Club Ft Beats Ministry

Complex Otherworldly Sax Disco Nyc 
Retro Vibe Tale Teller Club

Beat Box Close Mic Female Overdub

Hip Hop Angels And Choirboys By 
By Tale Teller Club™

Jingle Bells Punk Rock

Jingle Bells Punk Rock Version

Jingle Bells Punk Rock Version 2

D-Beat Punk Metal Logo V2

D-Beat Punk Metal Logo

Alternative Punk Rock Jingle (Rock)

Jingle Bells Rock Loop

Jingle Bells Punk

Jingle Bells Punk Hardcore

Christmas Rock (Jingle Bells Punk)

Christmas Rock (Jingle Bells Punk - Short Version)

Jingle Bells - Punk Version

Neutral Flavor Rounded Neutral Beats Per Minute Background Music

Rock In C Minor At Neutral Beat Per Minute For Slick Gardening Shows

Electric Rock At Neutral Beat Per Minute For Animated Paid Announcements

D'n'b Car Chase - 30-Sec Jingle


Punk Rock Beat 1 (200 Bpm)

Punk Rock Beat 2 (200 Bpm)

The New Space for Music Creators, DJs and Fans, the Virtual Club

 Join me now... I just created a free DJ space for music and DJs to stream live sets and create a fan base. Link in bio. You are invited to ...