Sunday, July 31, 2022

Who is Sarnia de la Maré FRSA?

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Sarnia de la Maré FRSA is a musician, author and artist living in London and the south coast UK.

Birth year….…1962

Parents …….…Royal Navy (father) Secretary (mother)

Place of birth….Scotland

Schools…….….Frensham Heights, Meoncross School for Girls

University……..University of Brighton, University of Edinburgh, Open University 

Areas of Study…Music and Arts

Highest Degree…Master of Design 

Homes……….…London, Johannesburg, Edinburgh 

Occupations….…Entrepreneurship, Designer, Fine Arts Practice, Musician, Author, Art Dealership,        Community Arts Venture, Publisher 

Pseudonyms…….Pasha du Valentine, Penelope la Maré 

Personal Statement and current practice.

“ It has been a pleasure to have been involved in the arts all my life and my experience in hosting exhibitions have given me a superb insight into the more entrepreneurial aspects of my own practice.

Today I have the honour and good fortune to have developed as a musician where many similarities exist in terms of engaging with the public, seeking and securing funding and sponsorship, and keeping the momentum of output sustainable and cost effective. I am eternally grateful for the financial support and mentoring awarded to me by the Future’s Venture Foundation and I remain a committed fellow of the Royal Society for Arts, London.

I remain focused as an artist and writer, as well as musician, and find that blending my skills has given rise to my current success in the field of combined arts.

I write several weekly book series, Immersion and If, and I compose music everyday for my burgeoning portfolio under the moniker of Tale Teller Club.”

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