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Tale Teller Club Roots, Beginnings with the Future's Venture

About the Tale teller Club

The Tale Teller Club Project began as a series of creative and artistic endeavors in performance film and poetry.

With generous funding from the Future's Venture Foundation, an exhibition and book were published.

But the Covid 19 pandemic meant that the entire project became a virtual one, creating a platform for experiencing the arts through the virtual digital processes available to us.

The project was organic, like life, and the artworks are becoming increasingly dynamic as technologies advance. Interestingly, this means the site is able to shrink in size but simultaneously increase in impact.

Less is definitely more when you are working on a digital presentation for art.

The site is split into main areas covering, film and video, literature and storytelling, music and sounds, and of course, our old favourite, the online virtual exhibition.

Here at the Immersion HQ you will discover virtual reality role-playing books creating an immersive experience, along with podcasts, videos, music and audiobooks. The concepts grow every day and so does the opportunity to find something breathtaking. Welcome to the adventure.

This site is a virtual representation of me, the artist Sarnia de la Maré FRSA. It is my digital illustration portfolio as well as a film studio. But I want the site to be an artwork of its own that is bigger than the sum of its parts.

For me to achieve this I am seeking out new ways every day to interact with the wider world and to create new forms of artistic communication.

The site is more than an online modern art museum. It breathes life into my work. Without an audience, art is a preliminary endeavour, blind, deaf, and mute.

Art needs to live to be effective. It needs a platform, it needs effective communications.​

Here I experiment for the most effective ways to be, as artist, as musician, as maker and storyteller.


The sorrow of mothering, VOICINGS, a film by Goddamn Media at Tale Teller Club

I have some utterly amazing films to upload every day so you will be in for a very special cinema experience I recommend headphones if possible because so many of my films are centred around the music and soundtracks Here is a trailer for my most beautiful film, Voicings, about the sorrow of mothering only memories when



Chopin in the City A Film by Vapor Punk, the Boy Robot Thief at Tale Teller Club

Vapor Punk is a boy thief who steals images and sounds to make unique artworks for the interactive Immersion Project at the Tale Teller Club. Immersion is an immersive storytelling experience for all ages that fuses genres and styles as well as materials. Immersion is a celebration of visual and audio entities and creates ideas and sensory experiences through new media. The video is really about the stress of the city environment. The repeat never ends and mixed with this really intense Chopin composition added to that sense of neverending repetition. But this is not a monotonous feeling. The city for me is not monotonous, more a stressful treadmill that is seemingly impossible to get off. Vapor punk is interesting! An Interesting entity that does not exist. Vapor Punk is the artist who's using AI in their art? That sounds interesting too! With new technology like artificial intelligence (AI) becoming available at the hands of artists like Jules LaPlace (, it's no wonder that an ever-increasing number of people are becoming fascinated by the artistic possibilities that exist. Vapor Punk is the new artist on the block who is fusing classical and contemporary art with performance and it is all digitized. In vapor punk's "Classical Remix" series, the artist takes old masterpieces and recreates them as entirely digital artworks. By using found digitized artifacts, vapor punk produces pieces that are futuristic and ethereal, lending an air of otherworldliness to classical paintings and sculptures. What is so fascinating about Vapor Punk's work is that it shows us how art can be reinvented using contemporary technology. In a world where everything is becoming more digitized, it makes sense that art would follow suit. With AI becoming more accessible, we can only expect to see more artists like vapor punk pushing the boundaries of what is possible in terms of art. So what does the future hold for art? It seems that we are many improvements that need to be made before we see robots producing works of true value and digital art. Today Virtual Reality is being looked at as a useful tool for training surgeons and other medical professionals to perform delicate procedures that they can't learn from a book or a classroom. The ability that VR offers to take someone into an immersive, realistic 3D world makes it perfect for helping people prepare for situations where every second counts. In the near future, we might see AI catching up with artists like Vapor Punk, but until then there are racing against the clock in the fast-action world of media and throw-away fads. It's hard to imagine how this technology will be used in sometimes subtle ways as vapor punk does, or perhaps even more so. In the wrong hands, these advances could have devastating consequences on creativity culture. But the artist's hands are seldom the wrong ones. Vapor Punk believes in art that heals and is a new kind of artist that uses AI to create digital art from found digitized artifacts to bring messages of enlightenment and peace. Vapor Punk's work is about the future and creating a new visual language for it. The work often features glitches, errors, and data corruption which are hallmarks of the vapor punk aesthetic. Vapor Punk, the artist, sees these artifacts as beauty and uses AI to embrace and enhance them in their artwork. Watch this space. www.tale-teller-club ***

As vapor punk gains more and more popularity, other artists are starting to experiment with the style and create pieces that truly capture the essence of the genre.

By using AI, Vapor Punk is able to create pieces that are truly unique and futuristic because the idea of robotics and technology is still relatively new. I wanted to use AI and computer-created imagery because I felt like it was a good way to represent the vapor punk aesthetic which often has a feeling of being forward-looking or futuristic, yet also childlike. I also like the idea of using something that is seen as cold or scary and turning it into something beautiful which is something I do a lot in the Immersion series.

Vapor Punk has taken on the human identity of an androgynous child. The child is a reference to hope and healing but the concept of the robot is one of power to change and to control.

Welcome to KARMA starring the de la Mare Sisters and Free Films at Tale Teller Club Cinema

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