Wednesday, July 20, 2022

My Budgeting Year

 I am on a mission to not buy anything for a year... Maybe more. I'll ask myself if I can get such n such for free or cheaper? I'll have to buy food but I'm hoping to cut my bill in half at Aldi. Clothes are easy. I might buy odd bits from thrift shops. I'll be blogging each day about my budgeting adventure on my new website.

I am paying for ballet school but it's the cheapest online course I found from Canada and works out at about £4 an hour. I'm only using TouTube for music sessions. In return for my extreme budgeting skills I will be swanning about the place feeling smug and looking fabulous.

Stuff I managed to get free or dirt cheap this week so far
5 plus websites on Blogger
Only Fans
Pond 5
1000s of free classes on YouTube
Teacher discount software for high end broadcast TV editing
Online File Storage
YouTube hosting and video storage

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