Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Mae West Soundbites by Sarnia de la Maré FRSA

Sarnia de la Maré Classical and Contemporary Musician

I had great fun this weekend impersonating Mae West for the Juicy Loop Samples.

Today I am booked into the recording studio to do some famous quotes by men and women through history.

I won't lie, I love being other people and love that we get so many people all around the world downloading the free loops.

Here are some recent updates and some links to our partner apps.

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Resisting Temptation Mae West Female Vocal Royalty Free Sample Voice Over Quote 08 May 00:25
Caught Between Two Evils Voice Over Mae West Impersonator Royalty Free Sample 08 May 00:25
When I'm Good Mae West Female Impersonator Voice Over Sample Royalty Free 08 May 00:31
You only live once Mae West Female Voice Over Free Loop SFX Sample FX 07 May 00:27
Female Vocal That which does not kill Friedrich Nietzsche Royalty Free Sample Loop VO CC SFX 07 May 00:26

The journey of a thousand miles Lao Tzu Female Vocal Loop Royalty Free Sample 07 May 00:30
The way to get started Walt Disney Quote Royalty Free Female Vocal Loop Sample 07 May 00:30
The greatest glory Nelson Mandela Female Vocal Sample SFX Royalty Free Loop Sample 07 May 00:33
Cockney Get Over Yourself Female Vocal Royalty Free SFX Loops Samples Video Sounds 07 May 00:29
We Were Greedy, Fat, and Spoilt, We Needed To Change. Living With Recession 07 May 14:49
Royalty Free Cat SFX FX Meow Sample Loop Audio Film Video Gamer Tools 07 May 00:22
Bonfire Burning Arson Crackling Flame SFX FX Royalty Free Loop Sample Sounds Free to Use 07 May 00:54

Aquarium Fishtank Water Filter SFX FX Royalty Free Loop Ambient Home Shop Sounds 07 May 00:48
Rain Sirens Cops Ambulance Real Life SFX FX Royalty Free Film Tools 07 May 01:20
Thunder storm distant Berlin Authentic Rain SFX Nature Ambient SFX FX CC 07 May 00:51
Wolf Howl Nature SFX Processed Clean HD CC FX Royalty Free Loop Sample 07 May 00:36
Swoop Electronic Synth Note Swoosh Transition SFX FX Joining Tone Free Use CC 06 May 00:29
Musical Synth Loop Very Cool Rythm SFX Audio Funk Futuristic Disco FX CC 06 May 00:42
Trumpets Royal Announcement Marching Band Ta-Da SFX FX CC Loop Sample Free Downloads 06 May 00:29
Right Click Mouse PC MAc Audio Loop Sample Royalty Free Download Now 06 May 00:31

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