Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Class and thrift...Is it Possible?

 I am a total snob when it comes to what I wear and I love my designer apparel but I have committed to buying reborn, handmade, preloved fashion as part of my eco and sustainable lifestyle.

I am lucky because I can alter and make clothes from scratch under my own label but traipsing around charity shops for an afternoon with mum is a total pleasure.

I am also pretty good at spotting a bargain or a designer item and one of my tips is to look at the men's section because there are often great items there.

Today I found some awesome shades, a tailor-made velvet jacket and an oversized rugby shirt, all in the men's department.

I love the oversize boyfriend look for my casual jaunts out and who doesn't want a blue velvet in their lives?

The shades are perfect too for on my bike as they stay in place and are clear to see in.

I made one error of judgment with some pink trews but now that I have my Salon, I will be recreating something amazing with them.

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