Tuesday, March 1, 2022

The SFX Library is rocketing out of the stratosphere at the Tale Teller Club

Listen to "100% Free Sound Effects" on Spreaker.

Free SFX Creator Loops At Tale Teller Club 

I am very proud of the SFX podcast which I helped launch at the Tale Teller Club recently.

It is now the most downloaded podcast from our entire network and this has surprised us all.

All the podcasts are completely free and in times of recession and now the war in Europe, the ability for artists to access material that they can use to creative advantage is ever more important.

I for one will be creating a piece of music, especially for Ukraine and the little children killed today by Russian troops.

Here are some previous episodes, all free to download.

Free SFX Defibrillator Cool FX Post Edit Download Creator Tools
01 Mar

Hip Hop Electro Loops Free Download Samples SFX Post Edit Digi Music CC FX
01 Mar

Free Sample backing Music Elertro Drum Machine Waves Compressed Sample Download SFX FX
01 Mar

Free Music All Uses Filmmaker Creator Tools Podcasters TV SFX Post EDit FX CC
01 Mar

Royalty Free Music Industrial Drum n Bass Backing Track Loops SFX Post Edit FX
24 Feb

Royalty Free Music Track Club Sounds SFX Loops CC Backing Club City Sounds FX
24 Feb

Goddamn Ringtone Female Vocal USA Free Loop Sample Factory Download SFX Post Edit Tools CC
23 Feb

He's So Hot Female Vocal Mobile Ringtone Loop Sample Free SFX Post Edit Creator Tools CC
23 Feb

'So Sexy' Free Vocal Female Loop Sample Download SFX Mobile Ring Tone Creator Post Edit Tool FX CC
23 Feb

Abm11 organ piano loop sample Juicy Chords Moods SFX Free post edit creator tools Reels Podcast
22 Feb

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