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 good morning internet welcome to royal clarence well i made it to hull and back and i'm here to tell the tale um what can i tell you well first of all i think it was really really interesting the north south divide in the uk now i know most of my listeners are in america but and i hope you've heard of the united kingdom i'm sure you have we're supposed to be really good friends um and i've you know i have met people who i've said i when i lived in brighton i remember meeting a wonderful american a young american man who was um bestowing gifts upon me actually we went to vail i didn't go to vail with him i was going to vale with somebody else and i met this chap because my colleague well he was a boyfriend actually he was skiing and i didn't take to the snow i have actually had one of the worst holidays of my life in vail i had a near-death experience on the skis trying to do the plow and ended up on a ridge and people were just

 screaming because i was heading for the ridge unfortunately gravity uh caused me to stop but it was only gravity that did that it was nothing to do with what i was doing with my feet my coordination on skis is absolutely dismal and i was surprised i was so bad at it and i looked so gorgeous because i spent a lot of money on my suit it was pink anyway um this uh this young man was um chatting me up for a wonderful better phrase and uh let me just turn this mic down a little there we go it's a bit better um he was chatting me up and um he brought he was buying me cupcakes and things and he he worked at vail um in one of the bars or somewhere i can't remember but we were in another bar or breakfast room or something

 anyway blah blah blah but he had all these freebies t-shirts and wonderful things he was giving me all these uh freebies that he that was sort of um merchandise that they give to guests and um he'd asked where i was from and i said brighton and he said oh that's in france um but of course you it's easy to make that sort of mistake isn't it um brighton in case you don't know is in england anyway i went to hull which is i guess uh five maybe 500 miles four yeah 500 miles from where i live i think maybe 400 i should get my bearings really but but there's this big joke in this country that we don't um if you're a southerner you don't know anything about anything north of watford and watford is in london and they say watford because one point when this saying first arose watford was actually the farthest point of london now watford's you know no longer london is much more extended now beyond watford but anyway um i know very little

 about anything north of watford um and it was really intriguing to uh to understand why we just don't get the same information we're not told about anything and i remembered that i thought hull was very um uh dark for some reason i had this idea that it was a very dark dismal place with which lacked culture of course i was very very wrong i mean i was going to an art event so it was obvious i was going to be wrong and i knew that but i'd known a friend who'd gone to whole university this is about 30 years ago and he he told me these things about hull you see and they've stuck with me ever since anyway once you get you have to go to london so i had to get the ferry go across on the ferry and then i had to um grab a train i had to do all these changes especially on the way back i had to get a bus for part of the journey on the way

 back because the there was engineering works anyway um should i say there were engineering works oh my diction goodness me anyway um i'd i had to go to king's cross so it was a tube train tube la la la and i'd take my granny trolley because i thought that would be easier to carry it and it it sort of was but there were an awful lot of steps because some of the tube trains tube stations in the undergrounds and the overgrounds didn't have escalators so i had to carry the granny trolley and there was quite a lot in it my computer my enlarging mirror which is really heavy and my makeup which is weighs a ton and of course my my new boots which were also ridiculously heavy so there was all of that so it was up and down stairs so by the time i got london on the hull train i was pretty exhausted and then i had to keep wedging the

 granny trolley in between my knees to try and fit in the whole train was absolutely packed it was jam-packed and there was luggage in the aisles and it was so different to southern trees i couldn't believe it there was a lady coming around with an ash pan and brush and asking for your rubbish and she was doing this all the way to hell and i thought wow that's incredible they didn't do that on south southwestern rail they um you know i i mean i've no idea why it's so badly looked after but southwest rail is has a terrible reputation and i guess it's because it's so busy maybe um anyway we the the whole train got less busy as we approached other places we went through doncaster or doncaster as they say and grantham i think grantham was first then doncaster um and event three hours later i'm in hull so the whole journey was

 about six or seven hours it's very long very very long um but there were other ways i could tell i was on a northern in the northern territories um the accent immediately changed when you got on the hull train because everyone's going to hull you see because most of them are from hull um so that was really interesting and quite quite loud but don't tell them i said that but they were quite loud so there was a lady adjacent and i thought don't make eye contact because she'll start talking to me and i didn't want to talk i'm one of those travelers that rather likes to just watch you know seen and not heard and all that um so uh that that was the one of the other things so anyway i got to hull and it was actually fantastic a lovely place but fortunately the events that i was booked in for the meal and the shows the exhibitions and everything were all on one street so it was very easy to find everything so that was good except of course i couldn't find the door in so that was a little bit uh awkward so i couldn't access one of the premises and it's i've realized because i've been in for two two years or something two and a half years i haven't really done anything

 because of covid i'm ridiculously out of practice at socializing and mingling and i found it really difficult i'm not going to lie i i'm very very much a solitary soul now i've become this rather exclusive recluse who um is no longer sure how to uh network you know all of that the stuff that i i can't believe i ran a club i'm absolutely i've completely resorted to type i've completely returned to my childhood persona which was extremely reserved and watchful and this was very interesting because when i was in the thick of being passed to valentine and obviously i was in character and everybody knew that it was a larger than life

 characterization and i was performing as the countess of brighton and hackney and when i was doing all of that i truly at certain points couldn't tell which who was my me the real me and who was the countess it was really interesting and i guess you know when you're a method actress which is what it was really although it's performance art rather than a um a single entity production a single film but i suppose people who uh who work in soap operas must feel a bit like this or people presenters i was doing a lot of presenting then i'm seeing when i go through the archives now that i was you know i was really extrovert presenter and interviewer and um i i guess i'd find that difficult now maybe as well because it was so out there so obvious everywhere and you have to be when you're you're there sticking microphones in front of people you've got to be really extrovert but not just that you know i mean when you're when you've got 400 people coming into your club your arts club and you've got people coming from all over the world

 you have to be this um very much larger than life caring cons when i say caring i i mean in the sense that you're making sure everybody's entertained you don't actually care for them at all um well of course you do them joking slightly but you know you you it's rude otherwise you know when you're the when you're mature d when you're when you're the person who welcomes everybody into the club you have to be very very concerned about their well-being um so that was something else i noticed i noticed that there were because i was on my own um it was a bit clicky and i i find that quite difficult to cope with um now i don't like cliquey groups they're um it's very unkind it's very rude actually to be like that and i guess when

 you're a lone traveler you and you're going to places on your own unescorted you're going to find you're always going to find cliquey groups aren't you these colleagues who they don't trust you um they don't know you they don't trust you so they're they're not going to engage with you um but you know there were other things a clique is a bit more than that and it converged on um exclusion and so as a people watch i was very intrigued about exclusions exclusion zones and who was excluding so i'm going to make some art about it actually um i mean you one has to make art when one is um uh pushed into feelings that are new i mean they're not new i had that at school and some of some of the weekend i think was be a bit like being at school actually um you know trying to engage people trying talking to people and then they don't listen they're not listening to you i'm not saying everybody's like that look i met some wonderful

 wonderful people actually um who i hope i can connect with again but i met some less wonderful people as well and you know that thing when you talk to somebody and they're not listening and they're actually listening to someone else's conversation because they don't want to listen to yours it's so rude isn't it rude i mean it's terribly bad manners actually um so i had a bit of that to deal with but i there was some amazing art really and i met i did meet a lovely lovely lady i spent the day with but she had to go you see so i was sort of left alone and um that was uh slightly uncomfortable i think um interestingly enough but i had a great time and the party was good and i did get a marriage proposal but of course i you know being told i'm beautiful and getting marriage proposals is no longer what i want out of life because i've because i

 don't want to get married and i don't i'm i have my own idea of beauty so i don't need to be validated by a man anymore um so you know it's uh although it sounds quite good doesn't it a marriage proposal i suppose i says 59 and i got a magic proposal but of course he was drunk but but he seemed quite sincere it seemed very sincere said but i mean it you're so beautiful let's get married come on let's get married let's do it i mean he'd have been really surprised if i turned around and said yeah okay then let's do it he's from liverpool and another of the northern territories anyway i the next day i was quite hungover on the next day but my tummy was really good because i had a special bra on an anti-reflux bra so i had no problem with my digestion and i've been taking all my medication so that was really good so anyway i slept like a log got up had the ghastly breakfast at the premier inn or wherever it was we were it was the lodge or

 premiere one of those um which was perfectly fine the rooms i have no objection to nice and warm um but no shampoo toothpaste though um and no bathrobes but you know you can't have everything um so the room was absolutely fine i'd recommend it the breakfast was absolute dog food absolute dog food honestly um look i went for the croissants in the end of the first i tried the scrambled egg and mushrooms i went for protein and then carbs because i had a long journey so carbs it was um so if you're going to go to these places maybe take your nice breakfast with you um so that you don't have to suffer the indignity of the dog food breakfasts so um you've got to remember i've been all over the world i've been to some very nice hotels with the continental full breakfast um which uh you know doesn't compare with what was on

 offer at my hotel yesterday uh sunday so anyway the journey back because it was a sunday darlings never travel in england or well i don't know what scotland's like but don't do don't do an england journey on the weekend if you can possibly help it because it's the saturday and sunday when they do all the engineering works and you i had to change about six times and then i got to hazelmere which is miles from home i was it miles from portsmouth harbor which i had to get to to get my boat i mean at one time i was thinking i'm not going to get back from my boat um you know the ferry anyway they put on a bus because there were no trains at all from hazelmere this place called hazelmere um so by the time i got home i left it sort of 12 and by the time i got home it was i think 8 30. i mean what a journey and the lugging of the granny trolley for the for all the you know all through the sunday and obviously uh friday and then all the dancing

 because i did dance quite a bit on saturday and um what else would i have done oh yes darlings i had on saturday morning a ballet class of course i did i do ballet every saturday with my daughter and we do it on zoom so i i done ballet and we were doing we're doing some um plies and my thighs goodness me so as you can see i'd built up um a lot of la what do they call it lactose you know when that's stuff that goes hard and hurts in your muscles so um i i was in quite a lot of pain yes yesterday i had to stay in bed all day uh pretty much i mean i did get up uh to make breakfast and things like that but i literally stayed in bed there's no butler around yesterday to serve me um so yeah today i feel much better i feel um learned

 because i connected with other artists from the futures venture um alum alumnus alumni i get mixed up i think alumnus no i think alumni actually um people who've had funding from futures venture foundation um and it was the final party because that's the um funding is all spent now um it was lovely to connect and see such wonderful wonderful work and i will endeavor to share their work if i can find them but if

 you go to my site there is a futures venture um channel and i put all the films on there so if i find others i'll um i'll share them with you because it's they're really special the wonderful work these are people who for one reason or another come under the radical heading and wouldn't have got funding otherwise by by in traditional means and so that's that was really cool to hook up with those and remember that i my funding was for the dominartist project which was really looking at women as sex workers and the creativity of that and the misogyny that comes with it um and in retrospect there is i mean i didn't do it to get any funding it was a labor of love but in retrospect i think it was really well deserved that i that i got the funding so i'm really proud of it really really proud of it that whole experience and really proud that i'm part of the futures venture foundation

so there we go we move on it's the end of an era rather because you know it's the funding is finished and if you want to find out about it go to their website because um it stems back to the 60s actually um radical arts from the 60s and there's a there's a timeline to the things that occurred so it's quite interesting i might share that as well on the blog um so with the start of a new era for me i think as well it sort of feels new now it feels like the dominaritis project is um consigned really to the history books the exhibition is over um i'm making an archive of the exhibits which i think is really important so you'll still be able to get them on my site and but now it's all about immersion for me at telltale club so immersion is the um the new sci-fi story and if which i'm going to i'm i'm doing that slightly differently um it's an adult version anyways there's a lot more violence and gore in it and sex and you really it's forcing the the reader to become

 director and choose the cycle of events that occur um to this futuristic uh character but the wonderful idea of making the readers the director it's a little bit different to role plays he would a traditional role play game you become a character i'm going to do this a bit differently it's a bit of an experiment i'm going to ask the reader to decide scenarios whole scenarios so you go back to a place in time um and it'll it's going to take a lot longer to build obviously because i have to write it in real time um but i'll i'll persevere with that um so yeah and lots of music now lots and lots of music so um i'm gonna do some cello lessons today i haven't done any for about two two weeks because i've been so busy um so a bit of cello today and lots

 of special effects because the special effects are the money makers for me um and the sounds and the music so lots lots more music today and back to the the new wave the telltale club and the new wave of um uh what happened to the german artist when she ceased to be she's always there i might bring her back in uh into if actually because um she's quite a cool character after all so that's my update for this week and um you can join me of course i talk a lot i'm updating also all of the counters of brighton hackney videos so you can go along to full bloom because they're a bit smutty um so you can go along to full bloom and listen to those so that's it and much love have a great day and i hope you don't get excluded by anybody i hope nobody's rude to you and i hope you have a wonderful arty day of things today

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