Sunday, February 13, 2022

Practicing with the orchestra

 I am working on the Bruckner to prepare for my rehearsal in June with the Bloomsbury Chamber Orchestra.

I play along each day with the recording on YouTube and feel I know it already pretty well after one session in this format.

You get a really good sense of it all by playing with the video.

That’s actually a 50 inch screen behind my laptop which is perfect for my eyes. Later I’ll play with my cello part further away and then maybe a real orchestra video.

It takes an hour so it is a great practice all round and if I get nothing else done in the day, at least I got a reasonable practice in.

As a recording artist I’m used to working on tiny phrases over and over, so it’s a massive contrast.

I really recommend it and once this is licked….I will find another.

Due to a sport’s injury I’m trying to curb practicing hours at a time.

The flat screen link up on YouTube 

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