Monday, January 10, 2022

Sarnia de la Maré New Eco Designer Oversize Tee Dresses Hits the Catwalk

 The spring collection is launched and I absolutely am committed to organic cotton.

The polyester range is superb for printing on but I personally prefer cotton anytime.

Here is my gorgeous baby denim jacket with an embroidered design of a little eco garden scene and it is too much cuteness in one hit!

I am just annoyed it doesn't come in a grandma size.

Logo for EcoFam

Baby denim jacket embroidered garden and bees scene

Coloured turtle 2d designer element

This incredible turtle design now features on my new tee dresses also in eco organic cotton. I am definitely impressed with this spring collection which brings some attention to the plight of endangered animals around the world.

Subscribers to the eco site also get a free download of the coloring in version of this!

woman wearing eco turtle teeshirt by sarnia de la maré

Well, that is quite enough web building for today as I am off to write my novel.

Catch up tomorrow with this week's chapter at

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