Sunday, January 16, 2022

New Music Release for Immersion Starta 6 by Tale Teller Club


 hi tail tellers welcome to a tune my new tune which is um with me in the band and my live acoustic cello and i really like it and um we played around with some vocals here and made it quite interesting so just goes to show what you can do with a very very narrow um series of notes i mean i think i it's f major so i used a b flat an f and uh probably a c-string a d-string and a g-string and that was really about it so a very narrow

sphere of uh pitches should i say and a few harmonics you can hear it in one part the harmonics um you know which i really love playing around with sort of bending the hominids i love doing that um so enjoy and um if you want to learn to play the cello you really should be well think about getting one hire one or something and they're quite reasonably priced um you could go on ebay but it's much better option actually to hire one and now a wonderful thing in i think all around the world certainly in the uk they will deliver them to your door so you can hire one even if you live out in the sticks and you don't own a car they will deliver it for you and um it's you know fairly cheap and you don't need like you know really high credit scores and things like that um so yeah it's wonderful um to learn the cello and i think you'll be able to hear from this it's i don't play uh in this instance a particularly traditional classical um method but i can do and the the lessons that i cover are usually a bit more um how should i say traditional yeah i guess a bit more traditional so this is a bit more experimental um and it's love is a drug but we're calling it love's drag online so that but it it says love is a drag towards the end but it's love is a drug at the start but you know we're so we're kind of a little bit concerned about the language and being closed off by google so we're kind of using the love is such a drag go to title um i hope you enjoy it and if you want to learn the cello i've got a podcast now and it's totally free and we do a class a day and today we did a scale and we're going to go through all the suzuki books and all of the abrsm books i'm going to really learn about from a very early stage how to make a pretty sound from a long metal string which is um no mean feat actually so anyway here's my new track and i hope you enjoy it

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