Friday, January 7, 2022

An enviable workload, preserving work-life balance and starting ballet in one's fifties

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I think I have just finished the busiest week of my life and I must say, building a creative website was harder than doing my thesis. (For anyone interested, I have completed two, one on documentary and film and one on representations of women in the visual arts media.) It is utterly thrilling at any rate to reach an end although a website never ends. 

Indeed a website such as the Tale Teller Club grows by the hour with every new episode, video, podcast and blog.

to be continued

I won't lie, I was rather nervous about today as I had my first ballet class. Well, not strictly speaking my first as I was a hopeful ballerina in my thirties, but new for the third life trimester certainly.

My class was with my daughter who lives a distance away and the whole thing was a fabulous Zoom session that worked seamlessly via our laptops.

I will give my teacher a plug because she is amazing.


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I am now resting up as those pliés really do stretch some aging muscles, but I am about to google pink leg warmers!

to be continued

Here are a couple of links to my new podcast. Remember to subscribe so you are notified.

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I love podcasting and the experience will certainly get me through a British winter.

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