Thursday, December 23, 2021

Polly and Fred Music Therapy

Our new podcast is finally here and presented by Sarnia with great tools to aid positive living experiences for individuals with illness or disabilities and their families and carers.

A transcript of our first episode is below.
Polly and Fred

My music therapy sessions are available through the piano school at the moment as well as through the Tale Teller Kids podcast channel.

Music Therapy

Hi everybody and welcome to my first music therapy podcast. let me turn it up a little bit and what i want you to do if you don't have a piano in front of you it really doesn't matter because what you can do now is you can just really relax and put make sure your feet are on the ground it's this connection thing you know connect with the earth's core and have your back quite straight and just breathe really deeply

sort of slowly let the air out

do a few breaths maybe look out a window if you can look out of the window that's i find that really useful

you could look at a painting or picture in front of you that's quite a good thing as well your favorite painting

and just breathe and listen to the

chord in the background or the scale

so now if we look at our piano and i don't want you to worry about what the notes are we'll just play any note now i know this is in g major so i'm going to try and avoid a d and play something else just so that i can show you that it doesn't matter what we play

let me turn it up a little i'm going to press my pedal as well just so i can hear

i just want to shut your eyes i know you may be playing another note i'll play another note as well so just really listen to the resonance and what happens to your body as you play these notes

perhaps you could add another node

you're taking some breaths as you're playing those and perhaps add another note remember it doesn't matter if you just play one

move notes you can play a deeper note or a high note to higher notice to the right

and a lower note is to the left just listen and play


so i don't know if you felt the same as i did but i felt some of those notes made me feel a certain way some of them made me feel a bit uncomfortable actually and others made me feel i was going to go into making a song um which i wanted to avoid but as soon as you start repeating something actually if you're repeating a couple of the notes even if you just do you know this all the time with that backing you you are making a song because um your the interplay of sounds uh draws the human to to um to create riffs and melodies and the like and so i wanted to avoid that and as a as a quite an experienced musician it became quite difficult so i was trying to think about um just sticking to one or two notes and and acting at one point i shut my eyes so i couldn't see what i was playing and so you might want to do that if you're already a musician or in fact i think shutting your eyes is a really really good idea you could put a blindfold on it if it helps to draw you into that um that space now what i want you to do now i'm going to run the tape for a bit longer for you a couple of minutes and when you play something if imagine you play the play this note

and it feels a bit weird with the backing and but you feel weird it's you know you or or something and perhaps this and it made you feel um upset but you feel upset then play it again don't be put off if things sound a bit odd to start with your ear will acclimatize i promise and if you're feeling a bit isolated because it's locked down or if you're in pain perhaps you're experiencing some physical pain and you play this and you play it a few times and you you might find that it expresses what you're thinking inside and what that does in terms of music therapy is offers an avenue for explaining quite often where we wouldn't be able to explain through mere words me mere words uh mere words indeed they words are they have their purpose of course they do um and you know i write stories they're right well i'm a film maker so i use stories words with music a lot but i always come fall short with the words i always think oh it's not quite doing it for me and funnily enough i'm a quite unique in that i start with the music first when i create a film it's always with the music first and then i just i understand that people human beings often need a bit more so i stick some words in just to be sure they're going in the right direction but words likewise you know if you start with just words that might not be enough either and what music does is it becomes a form of unique absolutely unique expression and what's really cool is if you think an alien if an alien came to earth and they only spoke music you'd have to become really good at speaking music wouldn't you and this is quite cool because if you take on that concept that idea that when you're playing these uncomfortable notes perhaps they could mean something perhaps this could mean something

i'm just i've got my hands over a bunch of notes okay and i'm playing them and it sounds like a car crash doesn't it that's actually quite useful to know that's quite useful to know

already you're starting to uh speak uh in an evolution of sound all right i'm not suggesting you should remember these or that you should understand um how music is constructed at all because we're not here for that we're just here to create pleasure or ease suffering through the use of an instrument if you've listened to this and you haven't got a piano in front of you there are there are some other ways that you can do it you can hum and that will be our next uh therapy session tomorrow we're going to be talking about talking about humming um and there are other things like you know clicking your fingers um stamping your feet stamping is a really really uh cool way of uh getting rid of things and it is a music you know you can make music with stamping and when you start stamping and clicking and you start stamping and clicking and playing a note

you start finding a way to become expressive and using music to um organize your feelings but you don't have to you know i'm not suggesting that you uh write a thesis on what you've discovered just that you learn to alleviate this is a therapy session your purpose is to feel better after it to feel excited or interested or calmer or energized or you know lots of other positive things or and that perhaps a negative thing because sometimes you need a negative outlet because otherwise you're going to pop so it's quite common isn't it so i'm going to play you that backing um and i would i'll just leave it run for a few minutes and you can do whatever you want with it uh on your instrument you can play any note on the piano over and over again or just one note and then let go and then just listen and think um you can hear the note continuing in your head we can forget it you can let it go but the act of hearing and engaging and letting go is very very therapeutic so here we go and i'll be back tomorrow


Hi guys welcome to Polly and Fred.

'Now today I've got another resonance therapy session from the Rife frequency series and this is a really really interesting one. This one is designed to accelerate learning so if you have any sort of learning impediment, or perhaps you know maybe you need to sort out for an exam or something or you just i mean i've been up but loading stuff on my website all week and i had to learn all these different things how to you know condense images and i had to keep going on to really complicated hmlt instruction stuff at google it and it was so difficult it was really really hard so i started listening to this one and i i don't know i think it really sharpened me a bit and of course a sharp mind learns quickly sharp is good yeah so i i thought now i must share this with the guys over at polly and fred because i think there's something in this now the theory is that if you've got imagine you've got a row forks and they're clamped from the handles and they're sticking up it's sort of erect you've got a row of them if you ping one of them or hit one of them the vibration will be echoed by all the forks around it i mean i'm a big believer in um you know the butterfly effect and being in a room with people who are emotionally sympathetic with you or the opposite and if they're not i you know one has to leave because the conflict is so marked and i think that do you see what i'm saying i think that that really begins the sort of journey of accepting that other things can influence our bodies and vibration is so central to existence and life and life forces um and i do know that when i i listened to the one i put up the other day which was for an immune condition which i don't have and i was listening to it and after a bit i started to feel sick i actually started feel very very sick and that really interested me because i thought well this one doesn't resonate with me and is it because i don't have this immune problem i mean um disorder you know what is it how can a sound make you feel sick i was absolutely fascinated you know and this is a real big learning curve for me so the accelerated learning.....

Frequency is mixed with the algorithmic piano which is you know just part and parcel of this uh wonderful project that i'm working on at the moment um immersion where i'm using robots and a robot human fusion and trying to understand you know the difference between a real life and an algorithm um and a an android and a human being or um a machine and a human being and as you come down down down down and you become more basic and you sort of analyze the human the human form in its most basic at its most basic level um a baby a newborn baby and you know coming out and then learning and then picking up the vibrations of the world around it you start to think oh hang on a minute there's something about um the universe and the vibrations of it that we actually if they're if they're going wrong we go wrong and and for that i'm going to do the whole collection because i'm absolutely positively into all these i think they're absolutely brilliant um but i'm up for you know logical thought i like logical thought and certainly if you can comment and tell me that i'm talking rubbish i'd be more than up for you know hearing that but what i do know is that i listened to this earlier and it made me feel sharper it focused me it focused my mind more than it had been before i listened to it and i think that's the crux um you know it's relative isn't it accelerate learning what how when from when from when you were a child because children you know learn really really quickly or from yesterday or or from five minutes ago you know i mean it's all relative isn't it and how do you measure it because how do you know when you're inside your head um if you're learning quickly well i think you can measure it after the fact i think we can we all know don't we if you imagine you've got a shopping list and you have to remember it you have to remember it by heart because life is unfair and you always lose lists as i do so you learn this list off by heart and then and then you go shopping and and amazing you just got it all but but you know you could you've got that anyway without a resonant um right frequency you know probably and i just i said this thing the other day actually where i've got a passcode for my credit my card you know one of my cards my deb like debit card thing and i've had it for about five years and i suddenly forgot the passcode and i had to have to ask my mom and i even knew the pattern that it made on this on the screen because i've made this geometric shape for it so i even knew that i still couldn't get it so my mind went complete blank and what it was is that i'd i'd got a new ipad and i'd have to re learn another code or not relearn but i'd have to put into the computer that is my brain another code do you see um and and then suddenly i couldn't remember an old code i mean the brain is utterly fascinating isn't it um so there was um a lot of reason i think i guess what i'm saying to to try this one out i'm going to do one tomorrow which increases activity for for all the people that are you know i i'm speaking as i'm sort of lolling um i'm lounging about but you know with sometimes we do need to move around a bit more especially with this sort of wintry lockdown that we're just about to have um so anyway here we go here's the accelerated uh learning rife frequency resonance and i'd absolutely love it if you um commented and told me if i'm talking rubbish or not okay so there we go......'

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