Monday, December 27, 2021

Cello Bow Hold And Note Game by Sarnia de la Maré FRSA

A sneak peek of one of today's videos on the Immersion website.

I am thrilled to have set up my integrated channel but it is not easy after years of presenting podcasts!

You can sign up to my music school and watch all the video lessons for free. It is well worth it for 5 GBP a month and I will be uploading every day some fun learning things.

Podcast Lessons and Tools for Educators

100% Free Sound Effects
Animal Story Books
A Woman's Guide to Making A Million
Christmas Pods
Criminal Intent
Days Gone By
Dreams of Flying
Fantasy & Sci-Fi Book Club
Free Cello School
Free Piano School
Full Bloom
International Audiobooks
It's Only Words
Jazz Baby
My Daily Bible
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Polly and Fred
Sarnia at Royal Clarence
Shakespeare Talking Books
Stories of Romance
Tale Teller Club Music
Tale Teller Horror
Tale Teller Kids™
Tale Teller Poets
Tea Cup Shorts
The Comedy Pod
The English Governess
The Fount
The Witch's Cat
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