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The Tale Teller Club is a music and arts project and falls somewhere between a band, an orchestra,

a film and media company ad an art project

The Tale Teller Club is a project using artificial intelligence to create music and audio scapes, clothing, graphic design, film and fine art.

The music of the Tale Teller Club fuses found sounds, automated robots, avatars, algorithms, and experimental and traditional beats to create futuristic energies that fuse the past, present, and a future meta world that may or may not ever exist.

You can hear Tale Teller Club Music on the soundtracks of the science-fiction adventure role-play book called Immersion here on the site.

The tracks are also released with each episode.

The band is made up of a group of musicians who are robots and avatars and are characters from the book.

Words for the songs are taken from the book Immersion as poems or prose and become the basis for films that aim to draw the reader into a deep hypnotic world of suspended reality.

The Tale Teller Club describe their music as Cerebral Dance Music or CDM and believe that music is a powerful energy that can merge with visuals and sensory feelings to create an immersive, out-of-this-world experience.

Band Members include



Beats Ministry

Kay Pop

Vapor Punk


A movement in the making

The Tale Teller Club is the host of two online virtual books at the moment,

Immersion and IF.

IF is a new book where the main character becomes a different person in the universe. IF is part crime and part love story and each book falls under a different style genre. The main character, Adom, is sent to earth in different forms including a rat, and a dominatrix.

Episodes are released as and when budget permits as both books are experimental and not yet funded.

Servalan and the robots gratefully receive your feedback on any of the immersive experiences herein.

You can access the book HERE and it is updated each week on a Wednesday.

Links to episodes

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Immersion, (strata 1) The Beginning: Renyke Wakes in the Alley


The Journey to the Perimeter, Immersion Strata 18


The Pill was too big a risk to take, Strata 17


Under the Influences Strata 17 Immersion V 1


Dissociation and a Lesson in Existentialism Strata 16


Celebrations and Preparations (Strata 15) Bk 1


The Tunnels (Strata 14) Immersion Bk 1



The Overground (Strata 13) Immersion Bk 1


Dreams and Changes, Renyke's Skin Falls Off (Strata 13) Immersion Bk 1


Renyke Risks The Water (Strata 12) Immersion Bk 1


Returning to Land (Strata 12) Immersion Bk 1


The Ship of Sirens (Strata 11) Immersion Bk 1


The Waterway Journey Begins (Strata 11) Immersion Bk 1


Searching for a Signal (Strata 11) Immersion Bk 1


After the Ambush The Journey to the Edge (Strata 10) Immersion Bk 1


Renyke Opens the Window at the Ambush (Strata 10) Bk 1


Shabra Reverses to Escape The Bastardos Gang (Strata 10) Bk 1


The Bar in the Zones and the Urch's Religion: Immersion (Strata 9)


Flex, the Tall Man of Many Colours


The Left Turn at the Crossroad, Immersion (Strata 9) Bk 1


The Right Turn at the Crossroad, Immersion (Strata 9) Bk 1


The Straight Road and the Vortex, Immersion (Strata 9) Bk 1


Immersion, Choices Must be Made (Strata 8) Bk 1


Dinfants, the Story of the Mark 1s (Strata 8) Book 1


An Explosion Occurs Immersion (Strata 8) Bk 1


Dinfant Trouble Immersion (Strata 8) Bk 1


Check Mate (Strata 7) Immersion Bk 1


Renyke Makes an Exchange with Shabra


Immersion Roleplay Book at Tale Teller Club. Immersive Storytelling


Dinfants, First Generation, Immersion Book 1


Glossary Immersion All Strata Book 1


Shabra (Strata 6) Immersion Book 1


The Cart (Strata 6) Immersion Book 1


The Scritters Page, Pests That Prove Hard to Irradicate. From Immersion Strata 5


Jarome and the Scritters, Immersion, (strata 5)


Immersion, (strata 4) Trouble in the Bank


Immersion, Renyke Sells The File to the Bank


Immersion, (strata 3) Renyke Goes to the Bank



Immersion, The Death Page


Renyke Meets The Female Guide in the Zones (strata 2)


That Damned Dog, Immersion (strata 2)


Immersion, Renyke Tries to Retrace His Steps And Leave the Zones


Immersion (strata 1) Maybeline and Renyke Meet



Immersion, Renyke and Maybeline (Strata 1)



Immersion, Role Play and Interactive Storytelling at Tale Teller Club

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